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Famous Camping Sites in India

About camping activity

Camping is simply an outdoor activity in which one involves overnight stays away from Home in a shelter like- a tent or a recreational vehicle. The participants leave developed areas to just spend time outdoors in natural ones in pursuit of activities that provide them with enjoyment. 

Some of the camping activities include are- nighttime walks, playing flashlight tag, midnight swimming, studying the stars, Shoot off fireworks, boating, Snorkelling, fishing, birdwatching, having a camping scavenger hunt, Fossil hunting and some other activities too. 

Things to be remembered while camping

Sleeping under the stars is not always as simple as it sounds. Before your next camping adventure check the below list of essential dos and don’t to make your camp tour easygoing-

Don’t forget camping essentials

  • Bring items for your backpack including a first-aid kit, compass, maps, emergency equipment, bug spray or roll of gauze.
  • Do leave behind a copy of your itinerary
  • Leave behind a detailed copy of your travel plans so that your friends and families can follow up with you to ensure you get home on time. People can only help you if they know about your whereabouts.
  • Arrive before nightfall
  • Setting camp in the night can be complicated. Reach on time so that you can explore your immediate surroundings and build a campfire for food and warmth before it gets dark.
  • Do not limit your meal variety
  • With some pre-planning and with the right equipment you can get creative with campfire cooking. 
  • Do not leave food unattended
  • Just keep in mind that your campsite should be tidied up before you go hiking for the day or go to sleep. Ask the camp rangers or campground attendants about proper food safety to avoid unwanted animal encounters. Some campgrounds provide bear lockers to store your food during your stay. 
  • Do your part to minimize your eco-footprint
  • Bring along an extra trash bag to collect any litter left behind by less-considerate campers. Be ecologically mindful. 

Equipment used in Camping

  • Bag and Packs- Hiking Backpacks and Rucksacks
  • Clothing
  • Backpack Accessories- Bag organisers, bag covers, bag straps
  • Camp Kitchen- Camp stoves, tableware, coolers and cool bags
  • Sleeping gear- sleeping bags, air pumps, sleeping mats
  • Tents- Dome tents
  • Footwear
  • Lights and Lanterns- Headlamps, Lanterns, Torch accessories.
  • Poop bags for burying and removing toilet waste.
  • Water purifier
  • First aid kit
  • Map and compass

Types of camping done in India

1. Tent Camping

Tent Camping consists of finding the right campsite. Just place your tent and spend your time in it for one or multiple nights. One can enjoy tent camping from the official campsite, through the forest of the beach. It is truly a memorable experience to indulge in.  

2. Backpacking Camping 

This type of camping consists of walking during the day with all of your gear and a lightweight tent on your back. It allows one to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life while one gets closer to nature. This kind of camping can range from night to several months. 

3. Survival Camping

Survival camping is all about learning all the skills that one needs to survive in a variety of outdoor situations. One needs to hunt for food in the wild and discover emergency medical treatment by oneself. By learning all these skills one can survive in case of emergency or during harsh weather conditions. 

4. Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is much more similar to backpacking. One is not required to carry much weight or with much equipment. One needs to travel further and reach places that are not accessible to hikers on foot or in vehicles. This type of camping is perfect for groups of two travellers. Just put rainfall into consideration because the water flow can change easily. 

5. RV or Van Camping

Camping in a recreational vehicle gives one a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fun outdoor destinations With the recreational vehicle one has almost everything that one has at home. Like bed and entertainment. One needs to find a suitable RV park where one can dock one’s vehicle.

Famous camping spots in India

1. Camp Room on the Roof

Camp Room on the Roof is located around 25 km from Chakrata, a quaint town near Dehradun city. This beautiful camp is located on the step farms that give one an amazing view. Enjoy some mesmerizing views from the campsite of the Virratkhai Valley. Enjoy mountaineering, mountain biking, and rafting in the pristine Yamuna River.

2. Rishikesh Valley Camp

Add Rishikesh Valley camp to your next camping site tour itinerary. It is amazing as it is close to nature and also has some spiritual connection. The tents here are styled in a hermit fashion and are designed to give one total aloof time. Apart from detoxifying one can undertake rafting, trekking, ayurvedic spas and grand elephant rides. Camping in Rishikesh is truly a surreal experience.

3. Magpie Camp 

Magpie camp is in Chopta and is a place tucked away in the Garhwal mountains and is a superb retreat to beat the summer heat. The Magpie camp here lets one experience this place in its true form. The view of the surrounding valley and mountains is mesmerizing. There are numerous tourist sites here like- Chandrashila Peak, Deoria Tal, and Tungnath Temple. Indulge in this activity here as it is a memorable experience. 

4. Sarchu 

The Sarchu campsite is around 220 km from Manali and is beautifully located on the Manali-Leh Highway. It makes a superb overnight stay en route the road to Manali. The trekkers who undertake the arduous trek in the nearby Zanskar region start their journey from this point. The camp is comfortable and has a separate dining tent and an electricity facility. It is one of the off-beat places to camp here.

5. Chardham Camp

Chardham Camp is located on the outskirts of Guptakashi on the way to Kedarnath. This place is especially suited for those who go for trekking to Kedarnath. Its location makes it a pretty camp with the view of the snow-peaked hills that look even more picturesque during the sunrise and sunset. it is surrounded by a rich green valley filled with the most pretty flowers. The camp is quite comfortable with all the essential amenities.

6. Camp Desert

The camp desert in Pushkar is a place that is picked by travellers because of its proximity to Pushkar. It covers an area of 6 acres and is designed in the complete Rajasthani style. The best time to visit this place is during the Pushkar fair which gives one a chance to experience the colourful and vibrant culture of the lifestyle of Rajasthan.

7. Mehar

For travellers looking for a stay in the deserts of Rajasthan state, Mehar is a superb place to plan one’s stay. It is located near the dunes. This stunning Mehar camp lets one experience the arid deserts of Jaisalmer up close. The camps here have all the facilities to make one’s stay comfortable. Enjoy some fun-packed activities. The plus point of this place is its proximity to touristy places like- Kuldhara, Damodara, Lodhruva, and other abandoned villages. 

8. Tso Moriri Lake

Tsomoriri Lake is the highest lake in the world and is located in stunning Ladakh. Camping here gives one a lifetime experience. The lake gets completely frozen during wintertime. The best time to camp here is between the months of May to September and is simply superb to spend some time in the decorated tents. One can even trek in the nearby Ladakh region and witness the outstanding sunset at the lake. The best part is that the tents are comfortable with electricity supply. 

9. Kipling Camp

The fabulous Kipling Camp is located in the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. This campsite is in the Satpura Hills refreshed by the water of Narmada. Camping here lets one experience the dense wild forest and amazingly calm weather. The best thing to indulge here is in bird watching or enjoying a jungle safari. Head towards this place for a joyous memory. 

10. Nameri Eco Camp

Nameri Eco Camp is an eco-friendly camp. It is one of the most sought-after as it offers a superb location. It is located in the district of Sonetpur which is the third-largest national park of Assam. This camp is not only popular for its splendid location but also for its various adventure activities. One can go on a hike in the nearby woods or for a thrilling exciting rafting session in the river Bhoroli. The spot around 300 species of birds. It is indeed a paradise for bird lovers.  

11. Triund

Triund, a pretty crown jewel of Dharamshala, is embraced by the mesmerizing Dhauladhar range. Triund is a 6-hour trek from Mcleodganj. The view from the hilltop is such a surreal thing to experience. Travellers carry tents along with them and rent at the top. The beautiful views and the tranquillity create such an ambience that truly creates a good memory. The best time to camp here is between May to June and September to October. 

12. Coorg Planter’s Camp

Coorg is one of the top destinations in India. The Coorg Planter’s Camp is an eco-camp that is built right in the middle of the forests. It provides one with an opportunity to explore the pretty coffee and cardamom plantations of Coorg. Just take a walk through these beautiful plantations and relax near a waterfall that surely will give you a surreal experience. 

13. Mahseer Fishing Camps

Mahseer Fishing Camp is located in the Jim Corbett National Park in the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand. It is a fishing camp for the famous Mahseer fish. Mahseer is a freshwater fish that feeds on wheat and local blackfish. This camp is the perfect place for spending time with family. The most exciting activity here to indulge in is angling for which one needs to obtain a fishing licence. One can even enjoy hiking and jungle safaris. 

14. Spiti Valley

The Beautiful Spiti Valley is nestled in the district of Himachal Pradesh state. it is one of the loved camping sites for adventure lovers and trekkers. It is a superb place for camping in the summer. The months of May and June are the most perfect months to enjoy the natural setting of the valley.
15. Anjuna

Anjuna is renowned for its pretty and serene beaches. It is one of the best camping locations in Goa. travellers love camping here and enjoy the picturesque location and lifestyle of Goa’s hippy culture. Explore beaches and flea markets while camping in the Goan landscape. It is the best destination to camp which you will never regret. 

16. Kaudiyala

Kaudiyala is one of the prominent camping sites in Uttrakhand state. It attracts numerous adventure enthusiasts from all around the globe. the place is also the stopover en route to the Kedarnath trek. several pilgrims and travellers camp at Kaudiyala at the lower base of the Himalayas. It is situated at an altitude of 480 meters and is based on the banks of the river Ganga. So treat your eyes to the picturesque beauty and camp in an ideal way. 

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