Ladakh Tour Packages

Looking for an adventure expedition? Then the picturesque mountainous landscape and beautiful valleys of Ladakh can be your fantastic option. We offer our visitors reasonable Ladakh tour packages with well-organized itineraries. Get ready to move with us to the perquisite Ladakh that offers its guests a lot of shocking spots that will clearly stun you. Be its majestic landscape, pristine mountains, blissful monasteries, fascinating valley, the wonderful Ladakh has everything.

Get along with us through our Ladakh Trip to witness the land of the mesmerizing beauty of the rough and rugged mountains simply spell wonders. It is a place that can satisfy one’s appetite for adventure. The tourist places in Ladakh are not limited to beauty only as here one can enjoy a plethora of adventures. There are a number of Trekking options available like- Chadar Trek, Markha Valley Trek. The Markha Valley Trek offers one to explore the beauty of Gondola La and Hemis National Park.  One having a keen interest in camping can go to Camel Resort Camp, Camp Water Mark, Bikamp at Leh and Nature’s Nest Camp at Pangong Lake. One can indulge in rock climbing also that will bring more adventure to one’s visit. We offer you to witness the spectacular places that truly need to be witnessed. There are plenty of places that Ladakh offers to its visitors.

Some of them are Zanskar Valley, Spituk Gompa, Pangong Tso Lake, Khardung-la Pass, Leh, Kargil, Hemis, Shanti Stupa, Lamayuru, Nubra Valley, Royal Leh Palace, Tso Moriri Lake, DhaHanu, Zorawar Fort, Magnetic Hill, Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary, Mulbekh Monastery, Hall of Fame and some other astounding places too.

We are an accomplished travel planner and hold a well-managed team of holiday experts that are responsible for making your get-away a vital one.

We believe in giving our clients efficient tour itineraries. Our packages give you a glimpse of Ladakh's folk music, dances, a variety of delicacies, distinguish villages and many remarkable monasteries and temples. Browse the serenity and tranquility through our online Ladakh Holiday Packages. So what are you waiting for? Simply get this superb chance to make your excursion the most surreal one.

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Popular Packages

Amazing Ladakh Package from Leh

6 Nights/7 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

14,500 / Per Person

6 Nights Ladakh Holiday Package

6 Nights/7 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

13,999 / Per Person

Leh Ladakh Tour Package

5 Nights/6 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

12,500 / Per Person

Ladakh Holiday Trip from Leh

4 Nights /5 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

9,999 / Per Person

Ladakh Honeymoon Package

6 Nights/7 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

22,500 / Per Person

10 Days Ladakh Trip

9 Nights/10 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

21,500 / Per Person

Ladakh Bike Trip with Rafting

7 Nights/8 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

16,500 / Per Person

Manali Ladakh Bike Trip

12 Nights/13 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

28,000 / Per Person

Packages FAQ's

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Ladakh?
  • The summer season is more convenient to pay a visit to Ladakh. June to September are the late spring months that give an agreeable opportunity to the travelers. During these months the temperature ranges between 15 to 30°C and is very wonderful for the vacationers. Actually, winters present troubles for travelers. Winter temperatures range from 0 to - 15°C and may even go to - 30°C. Summers are a help to the travelers as it gives openings whereby one can notice and participate in the number of celebrations that are praised like Hemis celebration, Yurukabgyat, and Sakadawa celebration.

  • Q. What are the weather conditions of Ladakh?
  • The summer season is duly recognized for being a comfortable period to pay a visit to Ladakh. The month of June to September witnesses the temperature ranging between 15 to 30°C making it pleasant and comfortable for the visitors to explore the region. Winters in Ladakh are cold with temperatures ranging from 0°C to temperatures going well below 0 degrees to reach up to -30°C which makes the place too hostile to pay a visit to Ladakh.

  • Q. What is the nearby Railwaystation in Ladakh?
  • The closest rail route station is Jammu Tawi which is very much associated with significant urban communities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. From the railway station, one can reach the desired destination by hiring a taxi.

  • Q. What are the prominent places to visit in Ladakh?
  • The mesmerizing beauty of the rough and rugged mountains in Ladakh simply spells wonders. Some of the top attractions of Ladakh are Zanskar Valley, Spituk Gompa, Pangong Tso Lake, Khardung-la Pass, Leh, Kargil, Hemis, Shanti Stupa, Lamayuru, Nubra Valley, Royal Leh Palace, Tso Moriri Lake, DhaHanu, Zorawar Fort, Magnetic Hill, Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary, Mulbekh Monastery, Hall of Fame and some other astounding places too.

  • Q. What is the nearby Airport in Ladakh?
  • The closest air terminal to Ladakh is the KushokBakulaRimpochee air terminal which is arranged in Leh. It is straightforwardly associated with certain significant urban areas like Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu, Mumbai, and Kolkata. One can board Air India, Jet Airways, Go Air. Global vacationers can straightforwardly load onto a departure from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi to arrive at Leh air terminal.

  • Q. Is Ladakh open for tourism?
  • Yes, now Ladakh is completely safe to welcome its tourists. Ladakh is now completely safe from the covid-19 virus and the India-China standoff. There are very few cases of covid-19 as compared to other states.

  • Q. Is visiting Ladakh, safe for couples?
  • Ladakh is blessed with natural beauty and is one of the most romantic places located in the Northern part of India. It can comfortably be explored with your partner and the best time to visit Ladakh is during August month.

  • Q. What is the cost of a Ladakh trip?
  • The cost of the Ladakh tour package varies from person to person as the price may increase or decrease by the addition or deduction of the number of days and Ladakh. You can scroll through the various options of Ladakh tour packages that are available on our website and can choose the best of your Ladakh tour package as per your budget.

  • Q. What does High Altitude sickness mean?
  • Altitude sickness or mountain sickness is a physical condition that occurs due to a lower level of Oxygen and air pressure. There are three types of altitude sickness such as acute altitude sickness (AMS), high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema. Some of the symptoms of altitude sickness are Headache, Fatigue, Insomnia, Shortness of breath, Fever, Nausea, Respiratory failure (extreme), Coma (extreme), And even death in some cases. It is advisable to tourists to have at least two days of acclimatization before moving to the higher altitude.

  • Q. What can i shop from Ladakh?
  • One can find Tibetan handicrafts and wares, silver and stone Jewellery, Pashmina shawls, woolens and other stuff. There are a number of famous markets in Ladakh. Visitors can shop from Main Bazaar where a number of handicrafts, antiques, Ladakhi Jewellery are available. Then there is a Tibetan handicraft emporium, which is situated at Main Bazaar Road. Dalai Lama Charitable Trust handicraft emporium caters to the art and craft materials made by the local artisans. One may also find shawls, woolens, paintings, handicrafts and artifacts displayed for the connoisseurs. The Moti market is also famous for the local items. One who has an appetite for apricots can visit Ladag Apricot Store. The store has dried, fresh, Jam, and oil of apricots.

  • Q. Can Ladakh be visited during winters?
  • Yes, Ladakh can be explored during the winter months. It will become a bit hard but the view is really worth it. You will be witnessing a lot of snow and ice on the branches of trees and also and that period of time the temperature goes negative. Some of the best places that can be enjoyed in Ladakh during the wintertime are The Chadar Trek, The Sham Valley Trek, BongBong La Snow Valley, A new kind of Pangong Tso, Stok Base Camp Trek.

  • Q. What activities can we do in Ladakh at night?
  • There are various activities that can be enjoyed in the nighttime at Ladakh such as you can visit the moon land of Ladakh that is the Lamayuru monastery from where you can enjoy stargazing. You can also enjoy shopping at night in the main bazaar, where you can find different accessories, Tibetan jewelry and other such apparel and also you can go on a long bike drive. You can also enjoy the night camping on the bank of Pangong lake under the starry sky and surrounded by beautiful mountains and a fascinating river flowing across the camping site. If you are a party animal then you can head towards Lehchen where you can find various fancy Bars. Also, you can have the taste of one of the best yak cheese, Tandoori Momos and other such stuff.

  • Q. Is Ladakh safe for solo female travelers?
  • Be it a male Traveller or a female Traveller Ladakh is very significant. There are no particular threats for a solo female Traveller but one can come across different kinds of challenges that are faced equally by both male and female travellers.

  • Q. What are the important things required for a Road trip?
  • If you want to explore and Ladakh on a bike from your residential state then you need to carry some important gears that are mentioned below:

    • You need to have vehicle accessories such as OEM toolkit, Spare vehicle key, Sparkplug, Chain Link, Extra clutch and accelerator wires, Tubeless puncture repair kit, Spare tube, Tire irons and valve key, Tire repair can / electric pump/foot pump, Engine oil, Electrical tape.
    • Riding Essentials that are required on trips are a Medical kit, Sunscreen lotion, Lip balm, Mustard oil (for moisturizing), Glucose, Water bottles, Chocolates/biscuits/nuts.
    • The riding gears which you need to carry are a Full face helmet with a clear vision, UV sunglasses, Gloves, Riding jacket, Riding pants, Shoes.
  • Q. What level of fitness is required?
  • Physical and mental fitness is the main priority while being on a Ladakh trip as you are most likely to fall ill due to the low air pressure, lack of Oxygen and also the temperature goes negative. If you are having any prior disease or asthma then it is advisable that you should not visit the higher regions of Ladakh that are having low air pressure.

  • Q. What are the best places to stay in Ladakh?
  • There are a lot of hotels available in Ladakh, Leh and Kargil that are known for their hospitality. One can choose from budget hotels to luxury hotels, as per one’s budget. These hotels may be booked online or one can book them with the help of the travel agencies who give a detailed location and the facilities available.

  • Q. Is there any lack of oxygen in Ladakh?
  • Absolutely, the Ladakh region is having a lower level of oxygen especially at the higher passes, that is around the 50% of oxygen which we are having in the plain areas. You need to acclimate yourself according to the weather of Ladakh before approaching the higher altitude.

  • Q. What is the average distance that is traveled in a day?
  • If you are traveling and exploring Ladakh on your bike then you should keep in mind that you will be passing through some of the highest passes of the world and the path is also not that smooth so it is advisable not to cover more than 100 to 150 kilometers of a distance in a day. To complete and explore all the sightseeings of Ladakh you need to have a minimum of two weeks time.

  • Q. Which bikes are appropriate for a Ladakh trip?
  • The most common answer for this question is Royal Enfield as we have seen a huge crowd of bike riders that are approaching Ladakh with their Royal Enfield. But it is not the only Bike that can go well. You can choose from a number of motorcycles as per your comfort and the amount of luggage. Even if you are taking a lighter bike that is in good condition then you can complete this trip smoothly. You can choose from Royal Enfield, Hero Impulse, Yamaha FZ/Fazer, Bajaj Vikrant, Bajaj Pulsar, RE Himalayan, KTM Duke and CBR 50.

  • Q. Should I need to have the knowledge of bike mechanics before Ladakh Trip?
  • Having the knowledge of how to repair a bike is always an advantage while driving in Ladakh. On the contrary, your first preference should be to carry a perfectly fine vehicle with proper servicing done either you are taking your own bike all hiring from someone.

  • Q. What documents are needed for the Ladakh Trip?
  • Here are some documents there are necessary to be taken along on Ladakh trip such as Driving license, Vehicle registration certificate, Secondary ID (PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID), Motorcycle insurance papers, PUC certificates, Medical insurance card, Map of Ladakh and its routes and itinerary, Hard Copy of emergency phone numbers.

  • Q. Do we need to carry Fuel on the Ladakh Road Trip?
  • Carrying a Jerry Can filled with some extra fuel is always a necessity on a Ladakh trip as there are just a few filling stations that are located on some important stops so you can refuel your vehicle at any time if you are having it in a can. You can anytime refill your Jerry Can whenever you spot the next petrol pump.

  • Q. What are famous passes that can be visited in Ladakh?
  • Ladakh is known for its passes and even if the name Ladakh is divided then “La” means passes and “dhak” means so many. Some important passes of Ladakh are Khardung La Pass, Chang La Pass, Zoji La Pass, Baralacha La Pass, Fotu La Pass, Lachulung La Pass, Namika La Pass, Tanglang La Pass etc.

  • Q. What are important points to keep in mind while visiting monasteries and temples in Ladakh?
  • Since Monasteries in Ladakh are the point of spiritual beliefs for local people so here are some guidelines that are needed to be followed while visiting these monasteries:

    • Do not click the picture of any monk or the Monastery without their permission.
    • Wear the most appropriate clothing.
    • Greet everyone and be humble to all.
    • Try to take part in all their rituals.
    • Don't try to influence the Local people in other cultures.
  • Q. What are the popular treks of Ladakh?
  • Ladakh is famous all around the world for its thrilling treks. Some of the famous treks of Ladakh are Lamayuru to Alchi Trek, Padum to Darcha Trek, Ripchar Valley Trek, Lamayuru to Darcha Trek, Markha Valley Trek, Jhunglam Hemis to Padum Trek, Lamayuru to Stok Kangri, Kang Yatse and Dzo Jongo Trek, Parang La Trek etc.

  • Q. When are festivals celebrated in Ladakh?
  • If you want to experience the culture of Ladakh then you need to be a part of its festivals. Ladakh has its unique culture that is the point of interest for a lot of tourists. Some of the festivals that are celebrated in Ladakh in the month of June are Sindhu Darshan & Phyang Tsedup. Losar is celebrated in the month of December. Hemis Tsechu & Phyang Tsedup are celebrated in July. Matho Nagrang & Stok Guru Tsechu are celebrated in March. Ladakh Festival is celebrated in the month of September. Dosmoche is celebrated in February and Thiksey Gustor is celebrated in the month of November.

  • Q. What are the best places for camping in Ladakh?
  • Camping is the best enjoyable activity in Ladakh as it has a vast land area and splendid nature. Some of the best spots to enjoy camping are Manali Leh highway, Srinagar Leh highway, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Sarchu, Tso Moriri, Changthang Valley, near Tso Moriri, etc.

  • Q. Is Royal Enfield comfortable for riders/pillions?
  • It is best to not have a pillion if you are riding on Royal Enfield in Ladakh. You can use the space for carrying your luggage but if you are going for a Short trip then you can take a pillion as the ride will become much smoother.

  • Q. Can we enjoy river rafting in Ladakh?
  • Ladakh is famous among its tourists for travel and adventure and one can also enjoy river rafting in Ladakh. River rafting can be enjoyed in the Indus River and Zanskar river that is a tributary of the river Indus. However, this river rafting is having some dangerous rapids so it will really be a spine-freezing activity. The most preferred drafting parts are from Phey Nimo in Ladakh.

  • Q. Is any local transportation available for sightseeing?
  • The best way to explore Ladakh is by hiring a taxi from Leh or by taking your own bike along. But if you want you can also take the public buses that will drive you to some of the famous attractions of Leh Ladakh and the particular period of time will be given to you for exploring a particular place.

  • Q. Are there any ATMs in Leh?
  • The best thing is to have cash and hand while visiting Ladakh but there are few ATMs that are located in Kargil, Drass and Ganderbal. Lastly, you can find an ATM in Keylong & Leh, and after that, it is hard to find any ATM.

  • Q. What all vaccinations are required before visiting Ladakh?
  • Some of the vaccines that are required to be taken before the Ladakh trip are Hep A, Typhoid and Tetanus. You need not take any vaccine for Malaria as this area is not having any risk of malaria.

  • Q. Which network services are accessible in Ladakh?
  • Since Ladakh is located in a higher region there is lesser connectivity of networks but BSNL postpaid works fine in this area.

  • Q. What should we do in case of any medical emergency?
  • You need to carry your own medical kit in case any medical emergency occurs in Ladakh. If the conditions are out of control then you can call for help in the nearby army camp.

  • Q. Is Ladakh suitable for honeymooners?
  • Yes, Ladakh is one of the best destinations for a honeymoon in India as it is having the ultimate blessings of nature. The biggest part of Ladakh tourism comes from honeymoon couples choosing this romantic place to be their first vacation spot.

  • Q. Which are the famous monasteries that can be visited in Ladakh?
  • Some of the famous Monasteries that can be explored in Ladakh are Samstanling monastery, Wanla Gompa, Karsha monastery, Bardan Gompa, Stongdey monastery, Lingshed monastery, Phuktal monastery, Rangdum Monastery, Mulbekh Gompa, Rizong Monastery, Likir monastery, Hemis Monastery, Chemrey Monastery, Basgo Monastery, Alchi monastery, Stakna Monastery, Namgyal Tesmo Gompa, Matho monastery, Thiksey monastery, Shey monastery and Spituk Gompa.

  • Q. Which are famous lakes in Ladakh?
  • There are many magnificent lakes that are located in Ladakh such as Pangong Lake which has a breathtaking panoramic view with ultramarine water, a lakeshore with rocks, and a stunning backdrop.  Tso Moriri Lake is the largest soaring lake in India. Yarab Tso Lake which is located in the Nubra valley near Sumur village, this place is still untouched by urbanization.