Places to Visit in Dungarpur

1. Badal Mahal

The Badal Mahal is situated on the bank of Gaib Sagar Lake. The Pareva stone has been utilised in the construction of the Badal Mahal. The Mahal has two stages three domes and a veranda. The extensive design of the Badal Mahal is a fusion of Rajput and Mughal styles of architecture that can be gauzed easily. Half ripe lotus can be prominently seen on the domes.

2. Gaib Sagar Lake

A shrine dedicated to Shrinathji is built at the banks of The Gaib Sagar Lake thus enhancing the importance and beauty of the lake. The Shrine consists of a number of magnificent temples that are exquisitely carved. Among these temples, there is a main Vijayrajeshwartemple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is the testimony to the dedicated work of famousShilpkars of Dungarpur.

3. Udai Bilas Palace

The Udai Bilas Palace is named after MaharawalUdai Singh II. This Palace consists of three parts Raniwas, Udai Bilas and Krishna Prakash. The Krishna Prakash is an excellent example of marvellous Rajput architecture. The Udai Bilas Palace today has been converted into a heritage hotel.

4. Juna Mahal

It is a 13th century old Palace built from Pareva stone on a high platform. It is has a rough and rugged exterior but contrastingly the visitors will find the interiors to be very beautiful and eye-catching as there are beautiful miniature paintings, delicate glass mirror work and elegant Murals.

5. Government Archaeological Museum

The Museum is housed with stone inscriptions, coins, statues of a number of deities and paintings of the 6th century. The land for the Museum was gifted to the government by the Dungarpur royal family who also donated their own personal collection of pretty sculptures and historically important inscriptions.

6. Baneshwar Temple

Som and Mahi rivers form a delta and it is here that the Baneshwar Temple has come up.Out of the numerous temples, the temple dedicated to Shiva in the form of Shiva Linga is highly revered and is five feet in height and is split broken at the top in five parts. Vishu temple understood to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is located near Baneshwar temple and was constructed by Jankunwari, the daughter-in-law of Mavji.The temple is believed to have been built at the place where Mavji spent his time to pray god. The Lakshmi Narayan temple is also built here by the two disciples of Mavji. One can also find here temple of lord Brahma.

7. Vijay RajRajeshwar Temple

The Vijay RajRajeshwar Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On visiting Gaib Sagar one finds the temple majestically located at its banks. The temple construction had started by MaharawalVijay Singh in1923 and the construction came to completion only during the reign of Maharawal Lakshman Singh.

8. Nagfanji

The Nagfanji temple has statues of Nagfanji Parshwanatha, Dharmendra and Devi Padmawati. The temple is a famous Jain Shrine. Devotees and visitors coming to this temple can also visit the NagfanjiShivalaya which is situated close to this temple.

9. Deo Somnath

The Deo Somnath was constructed in the 12th century. It is located on the banks of the Som river. The Deo Somnath is a Shiva temple. Visitors visiting this beautiful temple can witness two storeyed entrance gates and three exits- one in the east the other in the north and the third one in the south. Near this temple, several warriors were cremated as memorials buil there stands a testimony to this fact.

10. Galiakot

Galiakot is a small hamlet where a shrine of Syed Fakhruddin has been built because it is here where the saint was buried. Visitors inclined to visit Galiakot will find that it is located at 58 kms from Dungarpur on the banks of river Mahi. White marble is used in making the shrine which has his teaching engraved on its walls.

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