The charm and old period feel, meadows having flower beds, beautiful valleys, magnificent mountains, and other such spectacular views makes it no less than a little Heaven.

Places to Visit in Dalhousie

1. Khajjiar

It is a small town located near Dalhousie which is also referred to as the mini Switzerland of India. Here you can find lakes, pastures, and forests. This place attracted the kings of many Kingdoms through the years which includes the Mughals and Rajputs.

Khajjiar is located at an elevation of 6500 feet above sea level. The nine-hole golf course in Kajjiar makes it a popular place among tourists. This golf course is having a breathtaking landscape with lush green forests. Khajjiar is also having a small lake which attracts a huge amount of tourists.

There are various temples too located in this region. Many adventure enthusiasts get attracted to this and visit this place for experiencing the adventure activities like Zorbing, paragliding, horse riding, trekking and many more. During the winter season when this place receives heavy snowfall it remains close for tourists.

2. Satdhara Falls

These falls are located at an elevation of 2036 meters above sea level. The name of this fall is derived from the seven beautiful springs, as it is having “mica” which is also known as “gandhak”. Mica is also having various medicinal uses such as curing diseases and ailments.

3. Panchpula

The name Panchpula means the five bridges. These are the beautiful waterfalls and also the most appropriate picnic spot for tourists.  Adventure lovers can also enjoy the moderate trek of this place. The distance of Panchpula from Dalhousie is 2 km on foot.

4. Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is home to a wide variety of Fauna and Flora. Here you can find wild animals like Himalayan Black Marten, deer, bear, langur, leopard, jackal and Barking Goral. Many beautiful and colorful birds can also be spotted at this place.

5. Dainkund Peak

This place is located at a distance of 5 km from Dalhousie town. From Dainkund Peak you can have a view of the beautiful landscape and the snow-clad pine trees of Dalhousie.

6. River Rafting and River Crossing

Most of the adventure enthusiasts also visit this place to enjoy adventure activities and River rafting is one of those activities. River crossing and river rafting are done on the river Ravi and River Saal. These activities are performed under the supervision of trained professionals.

7. Bakrota Hills

This is the highest area in Dalhousie and is surrounded in a circular form by the road called Bakrota walk which heads towards Khajjiar. Here you can enjoy the landscape of Dalhousie.

8. Subhash Baoli

Shubhash Baoli was named after the famous freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. this place is having a perennial spring which is having many medicinal properties. This spring also helped in curing the ill health of Subhash Chandra Bose.

9. St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Dalhousie. This church is not only having a religious significance to this place but also a strong historical significance too.

10. Chamunda Devi Temple

The temple holds important religious values and is dedicated to Goddess Kali. this temple was constructed at the same place where Goddess Ambika killed the two demons, Chanda and Munda.

11. Trekking

There is another adventure activity that can be enjoyed in Dalhousie. You can trek through the beautiful valleys, grasslands, and passes. While trekking you can enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of this place.

12. Chamba

Chamba is famous for its caves, temples, and edifices which tell about the history of this place. From Chamba, you can have a mesmerizing view of the Dhauladhar, Zanskar and Pir Panjal ranges. This town is located at an elevation of 996 meters above sea level on the bank of River Ravi with Lahaul Spiti valley, Kangra, Jammu and Kashmir on its sides. Chamba is also famous for its handicrafts and artwork you can get the miniature Pahadi painting here which was originated in the 17th to 19th century.

13. Ganji Pahari

This is a hill located 5km from Dalhousie on the Pathankot road. This hiss got its name due to the absence of flora on the hills. “Ganji” is the local word that means bald. This place is also the best picnic spot for tourists. During the winter season, this remains covered with a thick sheet of snow.

14. Rock climbing

This is a popular adventure activity that is experienced in many parts of Dalhousie and especially in the Khajjiar region. This activity is performed under the supervision of professionals.

15. Sach Pass

This is a pass that is over Pir Panjal Mountain Range, which is having a height of 4500 meters and is connecting the Pangi Valley with Chamba. This path is having a high difficulty level while crossing it. This place is much explored by adventure enthusiasts but those who don’t want to take a risk of their life can explore this pass by hiring a well-trained driver.

16. Rock Garden

This is the most popular and beautiful garden that is also considered as the popular picnic spot in Dalhousie among the tourists. This is the most relaxing and rejuvenating place. Some of the major adventure sports can also be experienced here such as Zip lining and many more.

17. Garam Sadak

The road connecting the Shubhas Chowk and the Gandhi chowk is named the Garam Sadak in Dalhousie. This road offers the best of scenic views including green vegetation, tall trees in a row, etc. going on a walk on this road is one of the major tourist activities that can be performed here. On the sidewall of the road, you can also see some Tibetan Rock paintings which are really alluring.

18. Cafe Dalhousie

It is the most popular cafe that you will find in Dalhousie, this cafe is famous for its perfect ambiance and delicious food. Here you can probably get all the cuisine available throughout the globe. The best of this cafe are Pizza, shakes and grilled sandwiches etc.

19. Paragliding at Khajjiar

Paragliding is an interesting activity that can be experienced in the Khajjiar region of Himachal Pradesh. The ideal months to experience this activity is from the month of September till November and again from January till the month of June. During these months the weather condition remains most favorable.

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