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Best time to Visit Chitkul

The best time to visit Chitkul is the month of  May, June, and September. You will effortlessly be able to reach here, find accommodation and the climate also will be lovely. If you want to see some now though; then you can visit this place in early April. If you do not like chilly weather so much so try to visit in June or early July only. If you dislike rains, then do not plan in July and August. For a family trip, May and June are ideal.

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The best opportunity to visit Chitkul is May, June, and September. You can easily reach here, discover the convenience and the environment additionally will be beautiful. If you need to see some now, however; at that point, you can visit this spot toward the beginning of April. If you don't care for the crisp climate so much, attempt to visit in June or early July as it were. If you disdain downpour, at that point don't design in July and August. For a family trip, May and June are ideal.

The street towards Chitkul close to the blue Baspa waterway, encompassed by the great mountains with its cascades and little iron extensions, is a bikers' heaven. Chitkul is on the way to Yamrang Lah and Chung Sakhago Lah in the stream of Baspa's upper course. Likewise, Chitkul is an unrivaled family occasion goal.

There are various good places to spend nights in Chitkul such as Zostel, Hotel Batseri in Sangla, Swiss Camp, Notonmap - Adobe the Cloud, The Wanderer’s Nest, Lake View Resort in Kinnaur, Banjara Camp & retreat, Samaa Resorts, Vanshika homestay, The ALAR and many more.

Chitkul is an unrivaled family occasion goal. Here you can also explore some magnificent destinations that are located in the proximity of Chitkul such as Sangla, Kinnaur, Reckong Peo, Govind Pashu Vihar National Park Sanctuary, etc. 

Chitkul, let your daring soul be restored with a sample of the huge and hypnotizing sights of Himachal. Some of the top attractions that you will be visiting in Chitkul are Sangla Meadow, Baspa River, Batseri, Bering Nag Temple, Brelengi Gompa, Kamru Fort, Akhri Dhaba and Borasu Pass Trek.

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