The Birth Place of Lord Rama has emerged as the Spiritual center and is having various colors of spirituality.

Places to Visit in Ayodhya

1. Ram Janmbhumi Temple

Ram Janmbhumi Temple is believed to be the exact place where The Hindu deity Lord Rama took birth. As per the Hindu epic of Ramayana Lord Rama was the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this place was also the Buddhist empire during the 6th and 5th Bc. A massive celebration is done at this place on the ocean of Ram Navmi that is the birth date of Lord Rama which is held in the Chaitra month of Hindu calendar and in between March to April as per the modern calendar.

2. Kanak Bhawan

Kanak Bhawan is located in Tulsi Nagar that is on the northeastern corner of Ram Janmbhumi Temple. This temple is also known as "Sone Ka Ghar" that was constructed in 1891, this Bhawan is dedicated to Lord Rama and his loved wife goddess Sita. The word "Kanak" means Golden and "Bhawan" means The Palace as per legend this shrine was gifted by Kekai the stepmother of Lord Rama to Goddess Sita and her Husband. This temple is managed by Shree Vrishbhan Dharma Setu Trust private limited.

3. Nageshwar Nath Temple

This temple is located near Tehri Bazar in Ayodhya and is named after the local deity Lord Nageshwar Nath. This temple was set up by the son of Lord Rama Kush. The present temple was reconstructed by suffering Jungs minimum, Novel Roy in the year 1750. as per the legend when Kush loses his arm ring while having a local bath he came across Shiva Devotee called Naga Kanya. When he gets to know that later had fallen in love with him then he decided to construct this temple for Naga Kanya, this temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva.

4. Hanuman Gadhi

Hanuman Gadhi is located in Sainagar, this temple is dedicated to God Hanuman. As per the legend, it is believed that Lord Hanuman was the protector of Ayodhya. This temple is constructed in consolidated design. This place attracts a massive amount of devotees on the ocean of Ram Navmi and Hanuman Jayanti that is the Birth of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman respectively. This temple was constructed in the 10th century and is having a six feet tall statue of Lord Hanuman.

5. Treta Ke Thakur

This temple is located on the bank of Naya Ghat and is having a various idols of lords such as Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman, Laxman, Sugreev and Bharat. All the statues are carved out of a single black Sandstone. This temple was constructed by Kullu who was the king of that time and was constructed three hundred years ago. This is the same place where Ashwamedha yajna was performed by Lord Rama. This temple opens only on Ekadasi in one complete year.

6. Choti Chavin

This place is also known as Valmiki Bhawan and is made up of white marble, this Chavni is having 34 caves out of which 17 are the Hindu Cave located at the center of the Temple, 12 are the Buddhist Cave that is located in the south of the temple and five Jin Cave located in the north of the temple.

7. Sita ki Rasoi

Sita ki Rasoi is located on the Northwestern side of Ram Janmbhumi it is believed that this Rasoi was an ancient kitchen that was used by goddess Sita herself. This sacred place is now turned into a temple exhibiting some vessels. Goddess Sita is also known as Goddess Annpurna, this temple fellows this tradition by offering free food to the needy

8. Tulsi Smarak Bhawan

This Museum was constructed in the 16th century in the memory of poet Goswami Tulsi Das. It is believed to be the exact place where Tulsidas composed "Ram Charitra Manas" this Museum is also having a library and a research center known as Ayodhya Research Sansthan this place can be used for study the significance of cultural spiritual information about Ayodhya. The library named Ramkatha Sangrayala was constructed by the government in the year 1988.

9. Raja Mandir

Raja is mandir is located on the bank of Sarayu river in Guptar Ghar. This temple is having various idols of Hindu God and Goddess. This temple is constructed in Hindu architecture and is accosted with Lord Rama who was also the ruler of Ayodhya.

10. Ramkatha Park

This is a beautiful open-air theater park that is located in Ayodhya this place is considered an idol for organizing religious events cultural programs poetry and folk dance performance. This place promotes cultural events and promotes national and international artists to showcase their talent.

11. Dasaratha Bhawan

Dasaratha Bhawan is Located in Ramkot in Faizabad, this was the original residence of King Dasaratha who was the ruler of Ayodhya and the father of Lord Rama. This is also known as Badi Jagha or Bada Sthaan, this palace is decorated with various ornaments and painting on the entrance door. This place is felid with the use number of devotees during the festival of Ram Vivah, Diwali, Karthik Mela, Ram Navmi, and Sawan Mela.

12. Guptar ghat

This site is located in  Faizabad near Ayodhya. It is also is known as Gupta Ghat Van. This is the exact place where Lord Rama meditated and took Jal Samadhi in the river. After attending Samadhi he descended into heaven as an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

13. Mani Parbat

This Parbat is located at an elevation of 65 feet above the sea level, it is believed that Lord Hanuman uprooted this hill while searching for Sanjeevni Booti to cure Laxman when he was ill. There is a stupa that was constructed by emperor Ashoka and is also having a Buddhist Monastery.

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