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Caming in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh

Camping is an activity in which one stays away overnight in a nonpermanent shelter such as a recreational vehicle, tents, bamboo houses, etc. when a tourist or a person leaves the usually developed area and opts for staying in outdoor natural surroundings.

Other than staying in a tent or natural surroundings you also enjoy various adventure activities which can be river rafting, bungee jumping, hill climbing, trekking, etc. Other than this you can also enjoy some indoor activities such as playing volleyball, badminton, cricket, carrom, etc. Camping remains incomplete till the time you don’t get to enjoy the bonfire, with some music, delicious snacks, and some haunted or hilarious experiences of your friends. In Rishikesh, you can also access swimming pools and can even enjoy the rain dance system while camping in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is known as the world capital of yoga but other than this it is also famous for performing adventure activities. Camping is an activity that is widely enjoyed in the Shivpuri region of Uttarakhand. Other than in Rishikesh other districts of Uttarakhand also promoted camping activity. Best Camping in Rishikesh can be differentiated based on its location like riverside camping in Rishikesh, uphill camping, backyard camping, desert camping, etc.

Riverside camping in Rishikesh was the most seen form of camping in Rishikesh earlier but later as it began to hamper the purity of the Holy river Ganga this camping site became restricted in the year 2019 and all the campsites were shifted upwards. Though still there are some campsites left which are located near the river. In Rishikesh, you can enjoy your stay in different varieties and structure of Camps. These camps are described in detail:

Deluxe Camps

Deluxe camps are those camps that have outer structures made of different kinds of fabric that prevent adverse weather conditions. A deluxe camp is furnished with all the necessities and has washrooms, beds, fans, and other such facilities.

Luxury Camps

The next category is a luxury camp in Rishikesh, the walls or the structure of the outer is again made up of fabric that prevents adverse weather conditions. A luxury camp is more spacious than a deluxe camp and also has some luxury facilities installed in the room and washroom. Luxury camp takes care of the ultimate comfort of the guests.

Eco Camps

These are those camps that cause little or no impact on the environment. When these camps are constructed even then the use of machinery was not done because it burns fossil fuel which hampers the natural resources and environment. In this type of camp, there are normal facilities that are provided to the tourists like bedding and other necessities.

Huts Camps

These are the basic types of accommodation that are provided in the walls of the camp are made up of cement and bricks and the roofs of those huts are made up of straws, plastics, and other such raw materials. In this type of camp, daily necessities are provided which fulfills the general needs of the tourist.

Wooden Cottage

These camps are made up of water-resistant wooden material and safeguards in adverse weather conditions. These camps are equipped with full daily life necessities. You will also get attached toilets where you can get assurance about hygiene.

Bamboo Cottages

These are the cottages, whose outer structure is made of bamboo wood and plastic. Bamboo is the type of grass that belongs to the lily family and grows in shaded areas. These cottages are furnished with all the general needs. You can have comfortable accommodation in this type of cottage.

Deluxe Cottages

Deluxe Cottages in Rishikesh have an outer structure made up of iron, wood, brick, and cement and its roof is made up of tin which makes it a really strong and safe place to stay. These cottages have all the necessities like a bed, Air Conditioner, cooler, chairs, and table. These cottages are attached to fully furnished clean toilets, where the hygiene of tourists and guests is taken care of.

Luxury Cottage

Luxury cottages are made up of bricks and cement that keep the wall strong and the roop is made of iron sheets. You will get all the comfortable and luxurious furniture and facilities inside the cottage.

Dome Tents

A dome tent is a portable tent that can be folded and taken along. You can take this tent in your backpack and can install it at your campsite. There are no facilities as such in these tents just provide you with a shelter where you can rest overnight.

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