River Rafting in Ladakh

River Rafting in Ladakh 

Ladakh is famous for its River Rafting which is unique and very different from other rafting experiences within India or around the world. Rafting if Ladakh is experienced in the mighty river Indus that makes it the most unforgettable experience of adventure. The river flows through gorgeous scenery and beautiful valleys. The best time when you can experience Rafting in Ladakh is from June month till August month. This particular month is chosen because at this period of time the river is on its high and this increases and rapids increase in grades and this makes your rafting experience much more memorable. Rafting in the River Indus is a really heavenly and fascinating one as there are various breathtaking views on the way.

Indus River flows through imposing cliffs, towering hills, expansive plains and, captivating Buddhist monasteries. Besides the mesmerizing scenery, the weather is also delightful and to which the cold water is like a cherry on the top. There are various routes of rafting such as Phey-Naimo, Upshi-Kharu, Kharu-Spituk, Phey-Saspol and, Saspol- Khaltsy but the most popular among adventure travelers of all is Hemis-Stakna-Thiksey-Choglamsar.

River Rafting in Ladakh also takes place in the Himalayan tributary of Indus which is River Zanskar. River Zansankar flows through the Zanskar habitations which gives a remarkable insight of Zanskari’s rare culture. Rafting in Ladakh is a one-time experience for life for all the adventure lovers within India or from Foreign countries.

Rafting in Indus River

The local name of River Indus is Singhe Khababs which means out of loin’s mouth. In Ladakh, River Indus flows from the north-west direction towards the south-east direction. Indus River is originated from Tibet, near the Mansarovar lake and Kailash Mountain. This river flows at full speed during the month of June till late August this is also an ideal time for experiencing rafting and during the winter month, it freezes. The voyage of River Rafting in Indus River may last from one day to five days. You can generally experience the Grade I and II category Rapids but, at certain places, you can also experience Grade lll to Grade V rapids.

Following are the popular Rapid routes on the Indus River:

Phey - Nimo route

Rapids: Grade ll or lll

Difficulty level: Medium

The rafting for this stretch starts at a distance of 12km from Leh at Phey village and ends at Indus-Zanskar confluence point at Nimo which is at a distance of 36 km from Leh. this stretch is having the rapids of Grade ll and Grade lll. Along with the flow of water, you can also enjoy the view of tiny hamlets, old monasteries which are located in the valley and can cherish this view life long.

Upshi - Kharu route

Rapids: Grade l or ll

Difficulty level: Easy

This stretch from Upshi to Kharu is not that difficult as compared to the Phey-Nimo route. This stretch is having the rapids of Grade l and ll and also some Grade lll rapids. In this stretch, the rafting starts at Upshi which is in90km south-east of Leh, which goes along the road heading towards Manali and ends in Kharu.  

Phey - Saspol

Rapids: Grade l

Difficulty level: Easy

This adventure trip starts from 8 km south of Leh, from Phey and it ends at Saspol which is located on the Leh-Srinagar highway, near Alchi. You can have a view of the breathtaking landscape and the Tiny Hamlets on both sides of River Indus along with the speedy wave of water in the river.

Kharu - Spituk

Rapids: Grade l or ll

Difficulty level: Easy

This stretch is favorable to beginners and the amateurs level adventure persons. This route of rafting starts from a point at 45km of the south-east from Leh known as Kharu and ends at Spituk. Here you can enjoy mild rapids with the beauty of nature that you can cherish.

Saspol - Khaltsey

Rapids: Grade lll or V

Difficulty level: Hard

This stretch for river rafting in Ladakh will give a true feeling of adventure to adventure aficionados. The stretches from Saspol to Khaltsey is the most challenging one. The most highlighted thing of this stretch is the long series of rapids at Nurla which goes on for kilometers. The rafting for this stretch gets over on Khaltsey which is located at a distance of 90 km from Leh.

River Rafting in Zanskar River

River Zanskar is referred to as the northern flowing tributary of the Himalayan river Indus. It is the most preferred place for enjoying river rafting in Ladakh. This river is having a swift flow during the summer season but during the winter season the water of this river freezes and at that time it is used as a frozen chadar trek. The laden route of this river goes up to the confluence point of the Indus and Zanskar rivers. The river is blessed with various stretches from Grade ll to V. some of the rapids include Alchi Nimmo, upper Nimmo, Chilling, Zangla and some other major surprizes that are created due to landslides. 

Tsogsti - Sangam

This stretch is the easiest one on the river Zanskar for river rafting which goes from Tsogsti to Sangam and the time is taken to complete this stretch is of about 1 hour. It is having the rapid of Grade l. Here you can enjoy the scenery with the speedy flow of water.

Choklamsar - Phay

This stretch on the river Zanskar is having rapids of mostly Grade l and ll and this stretch can easily be covered in 1.5 hours. This stretch passes through impressive landscapes like the ancient Zanskar gorge etc.

Schorpochay - Sangam

The stretch from Schorpochay to Sangam on Zanskar river is dotted with the rapids of Grade ll and more, and can be covered in the time duration of 2.5 hours will make your rafting experience the memorable one.

Phay - Sangam

This Phay to Sangam stretch, located in the Zanskar river is having a rapid of Grade ll and more and the time required to cover this stretch is about 2.5 hours.

Sangam - Alchi

The Rafting stretch of Sangam and Alchi is having various trilling rapids having the Grade lll ad more level which gives a challenge to the rafters. This stretch takes almost 2.5 hours and is having many mesmerizing sceneries of the mountains. 

Chilling - Sangam

This stretch is one of the best in experience and the most thrilling white water river rafting in Ladakh. The length of this stretch is 30 km on the River Zanskar from Chilling to Sangam. This stretch is having various grades from 2 to 4. Along with some spine-freezing activities, you can also enjoy an impressive landscape that makes it the best adventure sport in Ladakh.

Cost of Rafting in Ladakh

Rafting is not much expensive in Ladakh but it’s on the affordable side. The average price of the rafting of Grade ll and more which lasts for more than 2 hours will cost around INR 1500 to INR 1800. This can increase or decrease as per the season, climate and other attributes. This rafting experience is one of the best experiences of White River Rafting.

Some Safety Measures

  • Boating can be delighted in by non-swimmers and minors as well, yet you have to adhere to all the principles and guidelines and security directions given by guides.
  • You have to complete your well-being registration before deciding on boating or some other experience action as wellness is critical.
  • Try not to devour any sort of medication or liquor during or before going for Rafting.
  • You have to paddle the raft as a group and not as a person.
  • Give legitimate consideration to all the directions and the rules told by the guide or facilitators.
  • It is compulsory to wear a real existence coat while boating, don't freeze in the instance of any incident simply adhere to the guidance given by the guide.
  • Try not to get into the water as it might prompt confusion.
  •  You have to wear sports shoes or stream shoes during the action.

River Rafting in Ladakh Packages

Amazing Ladakh Package from Leh

6 Nights/7 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

14,500 / Per Person

Leh Ladakh Tour Package

5 Nights/6 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

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12,500 / Per Person

10 Days Ladakh Trip

9 Nights/10 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

21,500 / Per Person

Ladakh Bike Trip with Rafting

7 Nights/8 Days

  Transportation          Meal  
  Sight-Seeing         Accommodation  

Starting From

16,500 / Per Person

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