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The stunning Kumbhalgarh is a fabulous historic fortress town near Udaipur of Rajasthan and is renowned for its marvellous monuments, fantabulous places, an array of temples, and flamboyant hattris. The beautiful Kumbhalgarh is beautifully surrounded by opulent Aravalli hills.

The beautiful Kumbhalgarh celebrates a 3-day festival that is organised by the Department of Tourism of Rajasthan every year in December at Kumbhalgarh fort. This festival commemorates the contribution of Maharana Kumbh toward art and culture. During this festival, the Kumbhalgarh fort is illuminated and adorned. One can even enjoy the sound and light shows that are conducted at this festival.

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Voyagers can investigate Kumbhalgarh in the cold weather months that start in October to February. The climate as of now is agreeable and calming. This is likewise an ideal time as quite possibly one can spot wild creatures in the natural life safe-haven. One can even visit Kumbhalgarh in the storm that is from July to September as the tasty green vegetation of Kumbhalgarh is a characteristic marvel in the desert state of Rajasthan.

The wonderful Kumbhalgarh commends a 3-day celebration that is coordinated by the Department of Tourism of Rajasthan consistently in December at the Kumbhalgarh fortress. This celebration recognizes the commitment of Maharana Kumbh towards craftsmanship and culture. During this celebration, the Kumbhalgarh fortress is enlightened and decorated. One can even appreciate the sound and light shows that are directed at this celebration.

The closest air terminal is the Udaipur air terminal which is a ways off of about 85kms away from Kumbhalgarh. Kumbhalgarh doesn't have a railroad station. The closest rail line station to Kumbhalgarh is Udaipur a good distance of 85kms and Falna at 80kms away from Kumbhalgarh.

You can visit Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary which includes the notable Kumbhalgarh Fort and is named after the fortification. It is home to 40 in number wolf packs that are once in a while found somewhere else. Appreciate jeep safari, horseback safari, and journeying here. One can even discover numerous Garasia and Bhils tribals that can be found here living in their conventional cabins. Visit the Badal Mahal which is the piece of the principal stronghold, likewise, investigate Mahadev sanctuary, Parshuram sanctuary is a cavern sanctuary that is revered by Lord Shiva.

Kumbhalgarh being a modest community doesn't have a lot of extensions for shopping. One can visit the closest objections for shopping at Udaipur, which is acclaimed for its smaller-than-expected artworks in Mughal and Rajput styles. Shopaholics can go for gems, manikins, earthenware, and stone-cut things that are magnificent gifts to reclaim home.

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