Explore the Beauty of Moon-shaped, Emerald Coloured Naini Lake

26 Jun 2021 by Sandhya Singh

Nainital is one of the most visited hill stations located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is located at an elevation of 2084 meters above sea level. The major attraction of Nainital is Naini lake which has got the sobriquet of being the lake city of India.

You can also enjoy some adventure activities like trekking, ropeway, boating, picnics and besides this one can also enjoy shopping in Nainital. This is the major attraction of Nainital town as well as of Uttarakhand. It is surrounded by panoramic seven hills. It is the most visited lake in India and also very famous among couples and honeymooners.

Why visit Naini Lake

Naini lake is a freshwater natural lake that is having a charming and beautiful view. The name of the city Nainital is derived from the name of this Lake itself. This lake is spread in an area of two miles and is having a depth from 28 meters to 6 meters. This Lake attracts a huge number of tourists that fall for its beauty. This lake was established by PT dot Barren who was a British businessman in the year 1839. He discovered this place when he was going on his hunting expedition.

This lake is surrounded by the Seven Hills Deopata, Cheena peak, Ayarpata, Alma, Handi Bandi, Laria Kanta, Sherka danda. Naini lake is divided into two parts is the Tallital and Mallital the northern part of this lake is known as Mallital and the southern part is known as the Tallital.

One of the most enjoyed activities in Naini lake is a beautiful boat ride with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. All the tourists love to explore Nainital while riding on a boat in a Naini lake.

Mythology of Naini Lake

According to Hindu folklore, it is said that the Naini temple which is situated on the bank of Naini lake is one of the 64 shakti Peeths in India. Naini lake which is considered as the prominent spot of Nainital is where the eyes of Goddess Sati fell when her body was conveyed by Lord Shiva towards Kailash.

There is a legend says that Goddess Sati got married to Lord Shiva without the permission of his father King Daksha. So king Daksha wanted to insult Lord Shiva by not inviting him to this “Yajna”.  When goddess Sati heard about this Yajna she came to her father's place in full rage and leaped into The fiery Flames of Yajna. When Lord Shiva got this news of her wife he opened his third eye and did the dance of destruction.

After that, he came on earth to retrieve his wife's body he took her in his arm and was going back to Kailash Parvat which was the Abode of Lord Shiva. As he was on his way to Kailash, the eye of Goddess Sati fell on the ground and Naini lake was formed which was having the Turquoise color Emerald water.

Also, from that point forward it got renowned as Naina Tal or the lake of the eye. In the same spot, a sanctuary is built in the memory of this event, and in this sanctuary goddess, Sati is worshipped. On the northern shore of Naina lake, the Naina Devi temple is constructed.

How was Naini Lake founded?

Nainital was founded by Mr. P. Baron in the year 1839 he was an English businessman who was involved in a sugar trade. He was also considered to be the first visitor of Nainital from Rosa. Discovered this Lake when he was on his hunting expedition and accidentally came across this Emerald-colored lake. He was stunned by the ravishing beauty and then decided to build and European Colony on the bank of this lake.

How to reach Naini Lake

By Air: Pant Nagar airport is the nearest airport to Nainital. This airport is located at a distance of 72 km from Nainital and is connected to a well motorable road. You can also get flights from Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi and are a distance of 300km.

By Road: Nainital is connected to a well motorable road with the major destination of India. You need to drive for 1 hour from Kathgodam to Nainital. Nainital is connected to NH87, buses for Nainital are available from ISBT Anand Vihar. You can also get a taxi or local cabs from major destinations of the Garhwal and Kumaon region. Nainital is one of the highly visited destinations of Hill station.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam railway station which is at a distance of 41 km. Kathgodam is well connected to major cities like Delhi, Lucknow, and Kolkata.

Best time to visit Naini Lake

Naini lake can be visited throughout the year as it is having a pleasant climate throughout the year. One can visit in the months of November, December, January, and February if they want to have a cold and chilly experience. from the month of March till October, the temperature during the day remains pleasant but the nights become chilly. But in the month of July and August, a tourist who finds calmness in rain can visit this place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was Naini Lake Formed?

Naini lake which is considered as the prime location of Nainital is the place where the eyes of Goddess Sati fell when her body was carried by Lord Shiva towards Kailash. And since then it became famous as Naina Tal or the lake of the eye.

Why Naini Lake Famous?

Naini Lake is a crescent moon-shaped or kidney-shaped lake that is located in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand. This lake is famous for its magnificent surroundings where boating is highly enjoyed. Kayaking and Yachting are also enjoyed in this lake.

How Old is Naini Lake?

Naini Lake was established in 1839 by Mr. P. Baron but it exists on the land of Uttarakhand from the Puranic Hindi period.

What is Depth Of Naini Lake?

Naini lake is 1433 meters in length, 463 meters in width, and 85 meters in depth and is having a circumference of two miles.

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