Famous food of Uttarakhand

12 Nov 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Apart from all the scenic and picturesque beauty, Uttarkhand is also known for its tempting dishes that are a blend of peppery spices with aromatic flavors. The major ingredient, lentils are responsible for enhancing the taste and incredible aroma of the food of Uttarkhand. 

On your next visit to Devbhoomi, Uttarkhand, make sure to try some traditional food that will surely make your day. Here are some of the famous cuisines that you can try on your next visit- 

1. Phaanu

One of the most favoured and popular dishes of Uttarakhand, Phanu is a combination of different varieties of Lentils- Arhar, Gahat. The lentils are soaked overnight in water and then it is prepared with oil, spices, turmeric and water. Phaanu is a soupy meal and is best preferred with rice by the locals. It is a complex preparation but very high in taste and is served especially at lunchtime and yes it is a rich source of protein, so why not try this healthy cuisine? and create a spell on your taste buds?

2. Kafuli

The traditional food of Uttarkhand, Kafuli or Kapaa is one of the famous dishes and is known as the state food of Uttarkhand and is mostly prepared in the winter season.This cuisine is a rich source of protein, fibre, vitamin A, C, E and other minerals. Kafuli is prepared with green leafy vegetables like spinach leaves, fenugreek leaves. The leaves are cooked with spices, rice powder, curd, waterand salt in a pot. Kafuli is served with gravy made out of the paste of rice or wheat and water and is enjoyed with steamed rice. 

3. Dubuk

Dubuk or Dubke is a Kumaoni dish and is one of the famous food of Uttarakhand and is best served with rice and Bhang kichutney. Dubke has a smooth texture and is mostly preferred in winters. The preparation of Dubuk includes Bhat ki Dal or arharki dal that is soaked overnight and then converted into a fine paste and cooked with spices, onion in a kadhai. Dubuk is a rich source of protein and other nutrients and thus is one of the healthiest food, one can choose from. 

4. Kandalee Ka Saag

Kandalee Ka Saag is a rich combination of aromatic spices. It is a green leafy veggie, prepared like other green vegetable dishes. The ingredient includes BicchuGhas, onions, spices, and ghee. The BichhuGhas makes this dish unique from other dishes. Kandalee ka saag is a rich source of Vitamin A and thus makes this dish a healthy one. On your next visit to Uttarakhand do not forget to try Kandalee Ka sag and enjoy the splendid flavours. 

5. Chainsoo

Chainsoo is one of the most famous dishes among the locals of Uttarkhand and is prepared from Urad Dal. This dish is a combination of Urad Dal or Kali dal, ghee, and rich spices. The lentils are toasted and then the fine paste is made out of it. The preparation is done in an iron Kadai on a slow flame. This dish is full of protein. On your next visit to Uttarkhand do not miss trying this dish that is truly worth trying. 

6. Aloo ka Jhol

This famous dish of Uttarkhand is a blend of aromas and yes the rich flavours too. Jhol means the thin gravy. Aloo ka Jhol or Aloo Rasedaris a potato recipe and is full of Vitamin C and carbohydrates and is a blend of incredible aroma and rich flavours. This dish can be prepared in the least time and is mostly combined with puri and rice. The potatoes are steamed and then the steamed potatoes are added to the curry of tomatoes along with onions. 

7. Garhwal Ka Fannah

Garhwal Ka Fannah is the most famous delicacy of Uttarakhand. It is a dal dish loaded with scrumptious flavours and spices. The texture of it is smooth and is prepared with tomato, ginger garlic paste, and spices. The garlic paste is stir-fried with red chilli paste and then it is added to the dal that truly gives it a spicy flavour. It is quite similar to dal makhani. The dal used to make this dish is soaked overnight. This dish is best combined and enjoyed with chapatis and rice. It is one of the healthiest meals and requires only half an hour to cook. 

8. Baadi

On your next visit to Uttarakhand do not miss to try Baadi, which is the most famous food of Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand. Badi is prepared from the Kwade ka atta and is best served with Phaanu. This dish is a rich source of vitamin B12 and vitamin A and all the essential nutrients that make it one of the healthiest cuisines among all other dishes of Uttarakhand. Baadiis considered the best traditional food of Uttarakhand.   

9. Arsa

Hunting for some sweet dish? Then try the most famous Arsa of Uttarkhand that has made its place in every household.  It is a sweet dish that is prepared during auspicious occasions. It is one of the most famous desserts in Uttarkhand. Arsa is a rich source of Potassium.  

The main ingredient of this dish is rice. Arsa is low in calories and thus makes it so popular. There is no festival complete without this sweet dishon the food menu.

10. Jhangoraki Kheer

Another famous sweet dish of Uttrakhand is Jhangora Ki Kheer. The major ingredient of this dish is the Millet.Jhangora is type of millet.  The dish is prepared with milk and sugar. This sweet delicacy has a rich texture. The Jhangora is soaked in water for an hour. After one hour Jhangora is added to the boiling milk. This process requires continuous stirring. Later sugar is added and then it is stirred for a minute. The kheer is garnished with cashew nuts and raisins. 

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