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Dhanushkodi - The Sacred Last Land of India

Dhanushkodi which is also known as the last land of India is a beach town located in Tamilnadu. This is a small isolated town that experienced the worst cyclone in India ever in the year 1964. Since then this time got detached from the rest of the world. Unlike other states of India, which are moving fast with time, this town seems to be frozen in history and reflects its beauty and grandeur.

Though this town got washed away, the Kothandarama Swamy Temple is standing intact. This abandoned town is located in the proximity of 18 km from Rameshwaram and 110 reach this town by road. As per the mythology it is also believed to be the exact place where Vibhishan, a brother of Ravana surrendered before Lord Rama. Adventure lovers can also enjoy sea surfing at this place as it has various fine beaches.

Dhanushkodi is one of the smallest towns in the world which is located in an area of 50 yards. This town of India shares its border with Sri Lanka and India, the actual distance of this place from Sri Lanka is just 24 km. While moving towards this town you will find the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on its other side which gives this place a very Majestic view.

Mythology of Dhanushkodi

As per the legends of the most sacred Hindu text that is Ramayana, Dhanushkodi is the exact place where Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman, and Lord Hanuman with their Vanar army constructed a bridge to Lanka. This bridge was constructed to rescue goddess Sita, who was the wife of Lord Rama and was in the captivity of Ravana.

This Bridge was referred to as Ram Setu. After the war finished and Lord Rama won, they crowned Vibhishana - brother of Ravana as the king of Sri Lanka. Later, Vibhishana asked Lord Rama to destroy this Bridge, and by accepting his request Lord Rama used his bow to break this Bridge hence this place was named Dhanushkodi which also means “end of the bow”.

As per the experts of NASA, it has been proved that the bridge that was constructed from India to Sri Lanka is still exists but it is completely submerged in the sea which proves the story of Ramayana The Hindu Epic to be true. This place is visited by various devotees and this place also has Kodandarama Kovil temple which signifies the starting journey of Lord Rama towards Sri Lanka to rescue Goddess Sita.

The Cyclone of 1964

On 22nd December 1964, the holy town of Dhanushkodi was hit by a cyclone at a wind velocity of 270 km/hr. A passenger train with 110 passengers and 5 railway staff was also destroyed by this cyclone at 11:55 P.M., when it was running on the railway line from Pamban Bridge to Dhanushkodi, and all the people on this train were killed. More than 1800 people who are residing in this town also lost their lives in the cyclone.

The entire town of Dhanushkodi got washed away in some time and just a few ruins were left behind. This cyclone had high tidal waves up to 20 feet and also destroyed the Pamban town after this incident the Madras government declared this town to be unfit for the residence of people and since then this town has been declared to be a ghost town. At the current time, you will only find a few fishermen and their families staying in this small town. After this destructive cyclone, the only thing that was left affected was the Kodandarama Kovil temple.

Visitors can find a lot of remains from the past and other than that one can also see a water tank located near the railway station and a church Temple. This place is visited by a lot of historians and tourists as it has its mention in the sacred texts. The intact structure of the temple is also the prime attraction that attracts a lot of tourists to this place. The devotees seek the Lord's blessing by touching this land which has the story of a great Legend left Behind at this place.

Is Dhanushkodi a Ghost Town?

Dhanushkodi was destroyed on the night of 22nd December 1964 by a cyclone which took the lives of almost 3,000 people at once and since then the Madras government has declared this place unfit for residence. After this declaration, the place got its name “The Ghost Town”, even today the tourists are not allowed to be near beaches during the nighttime as some paranormal activities are experienced at this place and this is how this happy town turned into a ghost town in just one night.

Dhanushkodi to Srilanka by ferry

Sri Lanka is located near the southernmost part of India and seems to be really close but still, there is no ferry service to reach Sri Lanka through waterways. Sri Lanka is located at a distance of 24 km from Dhanushkodi which can be easily reached by fairies. But in recent times the Ministry for Shipping has proposed to start a ferry service between Karaikal located in Pondicherry to Jaffna located in Sri Lanka.

This ferry service is proposed to promote tourism and the total distance of 104 km can easily be covered by ferry. The approximate time to cover the distance is around 3 hours for a one-way trip and it might cost up to INR 7000 approximately for a round trip. This ferry service will also help boost the tourism aspect of Sri Lanka as well and will promote bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Meanwhile, a fresh site is searched in Rameshwaram to Resume the ferry service from Dhanushkodi to Sri Lanka that was destroyed in the cyclone of 1964.

Why Should We Visit Dhanushkodi?

Dhanushkodi is one of the top attractions of Tamil Nadu it is located on the southernmost tip of India and is also known as the last land of India. You need to visit this beautiful town as it has a breathtaking view of the sea which appears to be like wallpaper and the beauty of this place can only be experienced by being at this place. Ram Setu which is related to Hindu mythology is also one of the top reasons by which devotees and tourists are attracted to this isolated town.

Pamban Bridge which is the second longest sea bridge in India offers fascinating architectural excellence and thrilling experience by sitting in a train and going over the sea. Dhanushkodi is also the Confluence point of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal and the point at which these bodies meet is truly breathtaking.

Dhanushkodi also has magical beaches that are not very crowded and can be enjoyed well by playing football, volleyball, or any other such games with your friends and families. Another important reason to explore Dhanuskodi is Marine National Park which is enriched with biodiversity and is located in proximity to Dhanushkodi. The topmost reason that attracts a huge crowd of tourists to Dhanushkodi is being a haunted town that got distracted during the cyclone of 1964 and killed almost 1800 people residing in this town.

Dhanushkodi Beach Point

Dhanushkodi Beach Point offers the view of a ghost town that was once a bustling city but was destroyed in the cyclone of 1964. Here you will be witnessing a small series of rocks that is also known as Adam's Bridge or Ram Setu which connects India to Sri Lanka.

Beach Point you will also be witnessing an old destroyed Catholic Church which narrates the story of the horrifying night of 22nd December 1964. At the beachside, there are various stalls selling products and souvenirs made out of shells. This beach point is also the confluence point of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

Attractions of Dhanushkodi

1. Dhanushkodi Beach

Dhanushkodi Beach is one of the prime attractions of this isolated town. The deserted land wealth of white sand on the beachside is perfect where one can enjoy a silent walk on the beach. This place is generally less crowded and can be a perfect spot for beach Goa. You can also find various eatable stalls near the beach.

2. Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

The Marine National Park is a combination of 21 small Islands that are located adjusting to the coral reef where one can witness the shallow water habitat. This Marine National Park is located in the Gulf of Mannar in the Indian Ocean. This Marine National Park is one of the wealthiest areas and has three aquatic systems, such as seagrass, mangroves, and coral reefs other than this one can also find salt marshes and specific algae communities in this Pak. This National Park is spread over an area of 6.23 square kilometers and was established in the year 1980.

3. Ram Setu or Adam's Bridge

Adam's Bridge which is also known as Ram Setu connects India to Sri Lanka and is one of the most gorgeous settings of nature can be seen here. It's a 50 km long and 3 km wide Bridge that connects Dhanushkodi to Sri Lanka Mannar Island. This Bridge is an age-old structure that is believed to be 1.7 million years old.

4. Pamban Island

Pamban Island is located in the proximity of 20 km from Dhanushkodi. The sight is considered to be the most beautiful island having the Deep Blue Sea and magnification sight. One can reach this place by crossing the Pamban Bridge. This island witnessed the Confluence of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal and is also known as Rameswaram Island which is a famous pilgrimage site of India as the Rameshwaram temple is one of the four Holy Dhams of India.

5. Church and Station Ruins

At Dhanushkodi one can also witness the church and railway station that are located close to the Shore. Currently, you can see the ruins of the church as they were destroyed in the cyclone that occurred in the year 1964. The remain of the Church and railway offers a fascinating sight with the story of revenant survival.

6. Ramar Patham Temple

This temple is located at a distance of 20 km from Dhanushkodi. Ramar Patham temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and it is believed to have the footprint of the Lord himself on a stone. Asphalt legends it is believed to be it the place where Lord Hanuman told Lord Rama that he had founded where the Goddess Sita is in Sri Lanka.

Things to do at Dhanushkodi

If you are a history lover then you can explore this place and witness a town that got paused in the past and never again came to life. At Dhanushkodi one can take some mind-blowing pictures using a drone camera to capture the last land of India from the top.

The Drone captures of this place will surely blow your mind. One can also chill at Dhanushkodi beach point where you can witness some remains of Ram Setu or Adam's Bridge that was constructed by Lord Rama for reaching Lanka to get his wife back with him. You can also explore the ruins of houses, post offices, railway stations, and churches at Dhanushkodi which will narrate the story of that terrible night.

Where to stay

You will find various budget and luxury Hotels located in the proximity of Dhanushkodi where you can spend your cozy night. Some of the prominent hotels of Dhanushkodi are Hotel Pearl Residency, Hotel NNP Grand, Hotel Ashoka, Jiwan Residency, Hotel Raghvendra, Hotel Arjuna, Hotel Sunrise View, and many more.

How can you plan to visit Dhanushkodi?

Dhanuskodi is located in the southern part of India and is one of the most visited tourist destinations. If you are planning to visit this state from your place through Airways then you can take a flight to Tuticorin Airport which is located in Tamilnadu. If you are an international traveler and want to explore the beauty of the Last Land of India then first you can reach Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi and from there you can take the flight to Tuticorin Airport.

If you wish to visit this place through a rail line then you can reach Rameshwaram railway station. Dhanushkodi can also be explored through Roadways where one can directly book a cab from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi or can also opt for Govt. owned buses. For further assistance, you can also log on to and choose the best package as per your budget and interest, or can contact us through mail or call.

 Travel Tips for Dhanushkodi

  • Try to explore Dhanushkodi during the winter months as during the summer months the southern part of India experiences scorching heat which is not appropriate for doing sightseeing.
  • You can take the local bus service how to reach Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram as there is just one highway that connects it to Rameshwaram.
  • There are no big restaurants or hotels located within the Dhanushkodi town so you can take your accommodation in the nearby areas and Rameshwaram as well.
  • You can find small stalls offering some local food near the beachside and no other big restaurants are there in the town.
  • Dhanush Kodi is not having much for sightseeing but one can enjoy the beauty of the last land of India and capture some good photographs.
  • You will not find any residents other than a few hearts of fishermen, who reside here.
  • One can enjoy the magnificent beauty of beaches and white sand by sitting for hours without the Hustle and bustle of the tourist crowd.

How To Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is Tuticorin Airport which is located at a distance of 142 km from Dhanushkodi and is well connected to major cities of India. Dhanushkodi does not have an airport of its own, some of the Other airports are Madurai Airport which is located at a distance of 198 km from Dhanushkodi. On arrival, you can take a local bus or cab to reach your particular destination.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is the Rameshwaram railway station which is located at a distance of 18 km from Dhanushkodi. From the railway station, you can hire any local transport to reach Dhanushkodi.

By Road: There is a regular bus service available from Rameshwaram and other major areas of Tamilnadu and hence Dhanushkodi is easily accessible through Roadways. Even if you are not getting any direct bus to Dhanushkodi then you can take a bus journey to Rameshwaram and from there you can hop onto another bus to Dhanushkodi.

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