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10 Must visit Cafes in Rishikesh to Chill with your Friends

Famous  Cafes in Rishikesh

The beautiful Rishikesh is nestled amidst peace and tranquillity. It is indeed the ultimate gateway for spiritual seekers. The yoga capital- Rishikesh is also known for its cafes that are ready to serve one of the best dishes.

Enjoy some delicacies on your next trip to Rishikesh but as Rishikesh is a sacred Hindu place, meat and alcohol are strictly off-limits. Have a fine dining experience with your family here at Rishikesh as there are numerous options to choose from.

1. Freedom Café

Make sure to visit one of the best cafes in Rishikesh- Freedom café on your next trip to Rishikesh. It is one of those cafes that has not lost its charm and has been attracting travellers and foodies for a long time. This café offers one the perfect views of the river Ganga, Lakshman Jhulaand the mighty Himalayas. It is built in a two-storey building and allows one to either sit indoors or even choose an outdoor sitting area. Enjoy the lip-smacking dishes and yes witness the astounding views of river Ganga. Just order your favourite dish and enjoy the soulful music that is played here. Freedom café is famous for its Chinese and Italian food.

This place witnesses a large number of foodies coming from all over the world just to enjoy their favourite delicacies. Do not miss trying the Banana Nutella pancake which is one of the famous delicacies over here.

Location - Freedom Café is just behind the Dr Kothari Clinic, Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh

Timing -9 Am to 10:30 PM

2. Little Buddha Café

One of the famous cafés in Rishikesh is the Little Buddha Café. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant and a great place to lounge and binge at. It offers unlimited breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The food served here is fresh and the service is quick.  Just sip a cup of tea and enjoy the serenity of the river Ganga in its prettiest form. Add this best café in Rishikesh to your tour itinerary. Little Buddha Café has a treehouse-styled architecture that makes it the most attractive and most visited café in Rishikesh. It offers a wide variety of dishes that are truly worth trying.

Do not miss trying their famous mixed vegetable platter. Visit this café on your trip to Rishikesh and capture some memorable moments with your loved ones and enjoy the view of river Ganga that will truly make your day.

Location - the Little Buddha Café is near Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh.

Timing - 8 am to 11 pm

3. 60’s Beatles Café

60’s Beatles Café is one of the most loved cafes in Rishikesh and if you are a Beatles fan then do not miss visiting this café. It is a theme-based restaurant and its walls are adorned with beautiful pictures of the Beatles band. The staff here is very friendly and the service is quick. One can enjoy a variety of vegan and gluten-free dishes that are truly worth trying. Make sure to try some delicious cuisines here.

Try the Rice flour crepe with fillings of onion, tomato, zucchini and mozzarella cheese which is one of the famous delicacies here. Some other delicacies to try- vegetarian burgers, coconut cutty, French fries, pasta, Pizza, masala chai, banana shakes, smoothies, cold-pressed juices and Texas and American burger.

Location -Paidal Marg, Tapovan Sarai, Near Hanuman Mandir, Badrinath Road, Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

Timing - 12 pm to 9:30. The café remains closed on Tuesdays.

4. Café Karma

Try some famous cuisines at the famous Café Karma in the beautiful Rishikesh. Café Karma is indeed a serene place with a perfect and cosy ambience. Enjoy the good music and capture the astonishing views while having your food. The service here is quick and the staff is very friendly. Café Karma also offers a private balcony and rooms to stay both in a very affordable price range. One can enjoy the free wifi service here. It offers a great variety of cuisines and yes a good variety of coffees and pasta too.

Café Karma is known for its Chinese and Italian food. On your next trip to Rishikesh make sure to visit one of the most loved cafes here in Rishikesh. Try their famous Hazelnut cold coffee and Hakka noodles, ginger lemon tea, and French fries that will surely make your day.

Location - Main Badrinath Highway, Tapovan, Rishikesh.

Timing - 9 Am to 10 Pm

5. The Pyramid Café

The Pyramid Café is one of the famous cafes in Rishikesh. This café has a pyramid-shaped roof which makes it unique from other cafes in Rishikesh. Just sit on cushions under open-sided pyramid-shaped roofs and choose from a variety of cuisines that are truly worth trying. Munch on homemade Indian, Tibetan and Western dishes.  On your next trip to Rishikesh just take out some time to visit this café and enjoy your favourite platter. Do not miss to try their famous Chocolate Pastry, homemade iced Kombucha, Continental dishes, pancakes and Pyramid Salad. They also rent out well-kept pyramid tents with double beds and attached bathrooms.

Location - The Pyramid Café is near Laxman Jhula Road, Kirmola, Rishikesh.

Timing - 8:30 Am to 3 Pm and 6 Pm to 10 Pm

6. Bistro Nirvana

Head towards the famous Bistro Nirvana café that is nestled in a tranquil surrounding. It has a cane and bamboo structure. The service here is very warm and the staff is very cooperative and is happy to customize your meal to make it 100 per cent plant-based. Try the delicacies they offer that are truly worth trying.

The organic vegetarian menu boasts a good selection of Israeli food song with from-scratch organic pizzas, hearty pasta and Indian favourites like- Naantastic Garlic Naan with Aloo Gobhi.  Cheese Cromosque is their famous delicacy that one can try here.

Location - Bistro Nirvana is located in Swami OmkaranandaSaraswati Road, Tapovan, Jonk.

Timing - 8:30 Am to 10:30 Pm.

7. Divine Café & Bakery

Enjoy the cosy ambience and a good variety of desserts at Divine Café & Bakery. If you have a sweet tooth then this cafe is for you. Apart from the lip-smacking delicacies, this café has a well-lit space and thus offers the perfect light for the selfies you can capture with your loved ones. The staff here is very courteous. This place is known for its great service. The perfectly cooked paneer, sandwiches and lip-smacking pasta will truly impress you at the first bite. If one is looking for some Indian breakfast then Chole Bhature can be their best choice here.

Do not miss to try the vegetable and Chocolate Tart, Classic veg Pizza, Blueberry Cheesecake, Greek salad, Chocolate brownie, fresh pineapple juice, continental food, and coffee that are their famous delicacies. Many foodies come to taste the good blueberry pie, blueberry cheesecakes and chocolate truffles.

Location - Divine Café & Bakery is near Anand Dham, Badrinath Road.

Timing - 7:30 AM to 7 PM

8. Café De Goa

Café De Goa is one of the most loved cafes in Rishikesh. It is the far most visited food outled by every traveller who comes to Rishikesh.  Just spend some quality time in a peaceful and tranquil ambience here with your loved ones. Capture the stunning views of the river Ganga flowing down in its pristine beauty. Enjoy the astounding views of green mountains, flowers and the heavenly River Ganga from Café De Goa. One can even watch the views of the temples of Rishikesh from the balcony especially the aarti at Triyumbakeshwar temple. The staff here is very friendly and the cuisines here are truly worth trying.

Café De Goa also offers a rich collection of magazines and novels to keep one occupied.  Try out the cakes, cookies, and bread that are baked at the in-house bakery. One can even try their famous Fresh juice, Italian Pasta, eggplant masala, yogi tea, palak paneer, fresh mint tea, French fries, lime and mint cooler, pancake and Pizza.

Location - The Café De Goa is near Laxman Jhula Bridge

Timing - 8 Am to 10 PM

9. Pure Soul Café & Organic Kitchen

Pure Soul Café & Organic Kitchen is one of the cafes in Rishikesh that serves organic food with vegan and gluten-free options. They have a handsome outdoor seating place in the café with stunning views. Try their European cuisine that is truly worth trying. Enjoy the cosy ambience and enjoy your favourite meal. The staff is very friendly and cooperative.

Do not miss trying the Tofu with Himalayan Herb rice which is truly amazing. Some other must-try foods here are grilled cheese and corn sandwiches, desserts, cappuccino, Pasta, burgers, smoothies, juice, platter combinations, Veg Pizza, and ginger beer. This café also has a reserved parking space for its guests.

Location - Pure Soul Café & Organic Kitchen is near Hotel Dewa Retreat, Opp. Balaknath temple, Tapovan.

Timing - 7 Am to 10:30 Pm

10. Madras Café

Madras Café is one of the best options to try the south Indian dishes in Rishikesh. Madras café is famous for idli Sambhar, Vada sambhar, a range of Upmas, Uttapam, Thorens, and Dosa. The dishes served here come with a flamboyance of herbs and spices yet retain their authentic taste. Other than the South Indian platter do not miss whole wheat pancakes with organic fruits, and Creamy chilled lassis.

Enjoy your South Indian platter and enjoy a calm and soothing ambience at Madras Café. This café also provides free wifi. Order the famous idly sambhar and fresh juices that are the top-selling delicacies here.

Location -Madras café is near Ram Jhula, Taxi stand, Muni kiReti.

Timing - 8 Am to 9:30 Pm

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