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5 Best places to visit in winter in India

Places to Visit in Winter in India

The duration of the winter season in India lasts from November to February. The cold regions during the winter season remain under the influence of westerly winds that blow from West to east along with an altitude of 9-3 km.

The westerly winds that blow on the surface of the Mediterranian Sea cause western cyclonic disturbances and bring about winters in India. The temperatures during winter are lowest in the Himalayan region.

The onset of winter in India occurs from November onwards and lasts till February. The temperatures in the Northwest regions may on average range from 10 -15 degrees Celcius but the temperature that prevails as one moves in India towards the equator may range on an average from 20 to 25 degrees Celcius in mainland India’s Southeast region.

1. Munnar

The stunning Munnar is a hill station located in the Idukki district of the southwestern Indian state of Kerala. The Munnar is situated on the banks of three pristine rivers- Madupetti, Nallathanni, and Periavaru. Being one of the spectacular hill stations in Kerala Munnar is home to several hills, tea plantations, national parks, pristine rivers, and lakes, and waterfalls.

It is also renowned for holding the famous sanctuary- Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. It is known for its natural beauty. One can find the most exotic resorts and wildlife experiences too. Add some pretty places to explore in Munnar- Chithirapuram, Valara Falls, Lakkam Waterfalls, and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

2. Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the serene hill stations in Kerala. It has been tagged as one of the most astounding places in India. With the tantalizing aroma of fresh spices, stunning waterfalls, rich wildlife, beautiful caves, picturesque places, luxurious resorts, and homestays Wayanad truly attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. It is indeed a destination of heavenly bliss where one can not only unwind from stress but also get involved in some thrilling activities.

The stunning Wayanad is renowned for its large amount of camping and trekking trails, amazing waterfalls, pretty caves, birdwatching sites, rich flora and fauna, and several astounding places in Wayanad- Meenmutty Waterfalls, Chembra Peak, Ghat viewpoint, and Edakkal caves.

3. Alleppey

Alleppey or Alappuzha is a stunning district of the state of Kerala. The city is renowned for its backwaters, rejuvenating ayurvedic resorts, and houseboat cruises that pass through the serene backwaters. Visit this splendid land for its awe-inspiring places that it offers to its travelers. Alleppey town is renowned for its numerous backwaters, canals, beaches, paddy fields, and lagoons.

The stunning district is iconic for its houseboat cruises in the backwaters that spellbounds several travelers each year. It is also known for its floating market, the Triveni floating market located in Kuttanadu Area. Explore some beautiful places in Alleppey - Vembanad Lake Marari Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, and Basilica of St. Mary, Champakulam.

4. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is snugly situated with the views of towering Himalayas remaining before one’s eyes all the time. The place emanates power and energy so subtle that it captures one mind and heart instantly. Situated in the state of Uttarakhand in the Northern part of India, Rishikesh is located on the banks of the holy river Ganga.

Saints, Yogis, and yoga practitioners have visited Rishikesh for ages to attain proficiency, become proficient teachers, and acquire spiritual enlightenment. The positive vibes the city emanates can never go unheeded. So pious is the place where one feels blessed by the positive aura that encompasses the city. It is the best place to visit in winter. Enjoy bungee jumping, camping, river rafting, flying fox, and cliff jumping when on the Rishikesh tour.

5. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the Royal state in the western Indian state of Rajasthan in the heart of the Thar Desert. The Jaisalmer city is known as the golden city because the yellow sand and the yellow sandstone which is used in every architecture of Jaisalmer city give a yellowish-golden tinge to the city and its surrounding area. The city has much to offer to the travelers visiting the splendid city. The main attraction is the Thar desert. The visitors are likely to be attracted to this desert as it holds desert camping and camel safari. There is Kuldhara village at a distance of  15km from Jaisalmer, which is a major attraction for tourists who want to experience the thrill of visiting it.

The sole attraction for the visitors is that it is a haunted place. This village was established in the 13th century by the prosperous clan of Paliwal Brahmins. It is said that one night the villagers of Kuldhara vanished without a trace. It is also said that the village is cursed and it prevails among the locals that who so ever try to live here will perish and can never survive. Today the place has become a most sought-after destination for the visitors visiting Jaisalmer. There are other attractions to explore here like- Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh, Folklore Museum, and Sam Sand Dunes.

Best time to Visit

October to March is the time when the country witnesses the winter season. Plan a trip to some stunning places that can be visited during the winter months that are truly worth visiting.

Things to do

A trip on Mind? Then get ready to experience all the wow moments in the winter destinations of India. The breathtaking trekking trails in Munnar have some thrilling things to offer to the trekkers. The famous trail in this beautiful land is- Chokramudi- the trek to the highest peak is indeed a superb option. Another famous trek is the Idukki trek which is fantastic for nature lovers. During this trek, you will encounter the vast plantation of tea and cardamom in the misty mountain ranges. Head towards Wayanad and grab some wonderful memories.

Try Bamboo rafting as the Kuruva island with three scenic islands in the middle of the Kabini river is famous for this adventure. Explore The Edakkal caves perched at a height of about 1200 meters on the Ambukuthi hill. Add some interesting things to your Alleppey tour itinerary to witness the serenity of this astounding place. This pretty place is a package of several beauties and yes is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts too. The backwaters of Alleppey offer its adventurers to canoe or Kayak in the stunning backwaters of Alleppey.

Explore the beautiful Rishikesh in Uttarakhand which holds some mind-blowing places to witness. Lakshman Jhoola, Triveni Ghat, Bharat Mandir, Tryambakeshwar Temple, and Rajaji National Park are some amazing places that truly need to be visited. Head towards the pretty Jaisalmer and get involved in parasailing in the desert areas, tourists having adventurous hearts can enjoy Kanoi parasailing. Paramotoring is yet another adventure activity for the tourist. It is a thrilling experience for tourists. It gives you a view of the golden dunes from high above the sky. The main attraction is the INDO-PAK border which is near the  Tanot Mata Temple. The visitors have to take permit passes from the Indian Military to visit the Indo-Pak border.

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