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Hi, my name is Swati Mamgain and I'm from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. I completed my MBA and specialized in human resource management. It is been three years since I left my workplace to pursue my innate passion for travel with a sole view of exploring India and finally advancing to create a successful carrier as a content creator/writer for Travel Ride. On the way, it struck me that being a travel blogger I could share my travel experiences and make a connection with people in more realistic terms so that they can be more aware of the fascinations in store for them.

I  have travelled to destinations that fascinated me the most such as Siv Sagar, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Mount Abu, Srinagar, Jammu, Goa and yet there are many many more that remain to be explored. these travels around have given me ample thrills of meeting people of diverse cultures and ethnicity, historical background of the place, local dishes and cuisine, handicrafts and adventurous mode of travel.

I know exploring India will be a lifetime experience for me that shall translate into travel stories that will give a virtual tour of the astounding places of a visit from the North to the South, from breathtaking North East to the West, the beautiful coastal regions, various heritage sites etc.

I primarily write from a deep-rooted passion for discovering destinations by way of sightseeing and adventure. Even lesser-known destinations have also caught my fascination.

So why not connect with me to know where and when to go and most important of all why go there. I shall remain open to your constructive suggestions.

12 Nov 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Famous food of Uttarakhand

Apart from all the scenic and picturesque beauty, Uttarkhand is also known for its tempting dishes that are a blend of peppery spices with a...

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09 Aug 2021 by Swati Mamgain

18 Best Attractions at the Queen of Hills for A perfect weekend at Mussoorie

The Queen of Hill stations, Mussoorie is one of the exotic hill stations with a backdrop of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas and Doon...

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03 Aug 2021 by Swati Mamgain

15 Best Hotels to enjoy your Luxurious stay in Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the major sacred pilgrimage sites in the state of Uttarakhand. Being one of the highly visited places in India it doe...

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11 Jul 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Top 15 Places to visit in Haridwar

Being one of the seven holiest cities in India the gateway to gods,  beautiful Haridwar receives numerous devotees every day. Apart...

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26 Jun 2021 by Swati Mamgain

20 Best Camps in Rishikesh for your Next Weekend Trip

The beautiful Rishikesh is nestled in the astounding Uttarakhand state. The camps in Rishikesh not only offers fantastic panoramic views but...

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17 Jun 2021 by Swati Mamgain

15 Most Expensive Hotels In India

The beautiful country of India houses several heritage hotels and royal palaces that are designed to provide comfort and luxurious stay ...

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04 Jun 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Have a dip in the Royal past of Rajasthan with these Magnificent Forts.

Famous Forts of Rajasthan The stories of the rulers and kings might be history in Rajasthan but the forts remain to be the major highligh...

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04 Jun 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Top 10 Places of Uttarakhand For A dreamy Honeymoon Trip

 Honeymoon Places in Uttarakhand Uttarakhand is also known as “Dev Bhumi” because many incidents from Hindu mytholog...

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03 Jun 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Top 10 Islands to enjoy your vacation away from the crowd in India

Islands in India You can explore sparkling beaches, magnificent islands, mighty mountain ranges, lush green forests, sandy deserts, h...

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01 Jun 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Top 10 Skiing destinations to glide over snow in India

Skiing in India The Northern part of India is having ample opportunity for skiing as it is blessed with the mighty Himalayas. There a...

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01 Jun 2021 by Swati Mamgain

15 Best Hotels in Auli for your comfortable leisurely stay

15 Best Hotels and Resorts in Auli The beautiful Auli- skiing capital of India is among the top hill stations in India. Apart from all th...

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30 May 2021 by Swati Mamgain

Top 15 Charming destinations for a perfect honeymoon Trip in India

Best Honeymoon Places in India India is the most diversified country where you can find a perfect Honeymoon destination as per y...

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